About us

WMI at a glance

World Mining Industry Co.,Ltd (WMI), is a subsidiary of MIDHCO, to follow MIDHCO strategic mission that has decided in 2014 to establish a new company in China which is WMI for better cooperation and easy connection with Chinese partner in the industrial projects or other business fields, to develop accessibility and effectiveness in world market. WMI is the continuation of Representative office of MIDHCO which was established about year 2014 in a new and more practical context. WMI was corporate as a professional, international import - export trading engineering company, covering domestic and overseas business. Company located in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and it has high economic strength and flexibility. WMI have accumulated abundant experience and established stable and credible business relationships with customers worldwide, we are able to ship our goods safely, fast and reliably to almost anywhere in the world.


Company Vision

We are looking forward to have a close relationship with suppliers in a partnership approach. We pay accurate attention for appropriate performances and fair purchasing process; In short, we are looking for the suppliers who are our partner in fulfillment of our obligations.


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